Why We Partnered with MetaCert Protocol on Tokenomics



The Ezra New Economy Fund is excited to announce our partnership with MetaCert in a special advisory role on tokenomic design and development for the forthcoming MetaCert Protocol.

As an early investor in the MetaCert Protocol, Ezra has been excited about the project’s potential since first learning of its mission. Already a renowned web 2.0 company widely used within the crypto community, MetaCert is transitioning towards a decentralized network architecture built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Transitioning to blockchain will enable MetaCert’s network of users and contributors to more successfully secure the internet while retaining surplus value within the network. MetaCert’s decision to utilize a decentralized network architecture is a quintessential use case of blockchain technology that will be ready to scale. No indefinite “waiting until later” to take advantage of the benefits of decentralization. This all culminates in the potential that has made Ezra enthusiastic about the protocol as both users and investors.

Now, in our capacity as tokenomic advisors, Ezra is thrilled to be playing a key role in stewarding the protocol towards successful tokenomic design and implementation. Understanding and evaluating the complex, interconnected nature of token economies has been a primary focus of Ezra’s due diligence process in our role as investors. Recently, we have begun publicly thinking about this topic on our podcast, The Tokenomics Podcastand are now eager to take the next step and apply this knowledge towards real-world applications in conjunction with the MetaCert team.

Stay tuned for future posts outlining the development of this partnership as well as the announcement of future tokenomic advising partnerships that are in the works. For all future updates, click the link below and follow us on